Many people like to share their LEGO-built MOCs(1) with the wider community - indeed, a thriving community has grown up across the Internet, as demonstrated by sites such as Brickshelf, MOCpages, and many other themed sites.

A fundamental part of this is presenting good quality images of your finished creations, be they custom minifigs or enormous great constructions made from thousands of bricks. Yet for something that is such an important part of the hobby, the general quality of many published photos is, sadly, pretty poor.

That's where BrickPix comes in - to help you show off your LEGO creations as well as possible, whether you are taking your first steps into the world of LEGO photography, or are a seasoned hand looking for a few hints and tips on how to improve your technique.

So take a look around - hopefully you'll find something useful. And please let me know what you think



(1) MOC = My Own Creation, a term meaning a LEGO construction, designed and built by a LEGO enthusiast, rather than an official LEGO set.

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