The idea of this little gallery is to present some examples of particularly good MOC photography, along with comments from the creator on how they achieved such a good shot. The purpose is not to comment on the MOCs themselves. Modesty prevents me from showing many of my own, but if you think you've got some particularly good examples, and are happy to share your thoughts, then please let me know. Alternatively, if you'd like to nominate someone, then suggest to the creator that they might want to contact me, or let me have their details. A link to an on-line image always helps (e.g. Brickshelf, etal.)

Of course, rights of the originators will be rigorously protected, and measures will be taken to ensure that the claimee is the original creator.

The Show:

  BLUEMOOSE's examples:  

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Camera : Canon EOS 20D digital SLR
Lens: Canon 24-70 f2.8L
Focal Length: 40mm (equivalent)
Exposure: 1.6 secs at f/13
ISO: 200

White Balance mode: Auto
Flash: none
Support: Tripod

This photo is from a set shot to record some Blacktron 1 MOCs I'd created in the LEGO "house style" (based on a Blacktron 2 design). In this example, the "home studio" is a desktop covered in an old white bedsheet; the sheet was raised at the back by resting it over a row of boxes. Even though the desk is in front of a window, the shot was taken at night, and all the light is from the single ceiling mounted tungsten light in the room. The camera was supported on a floor mounted tripod, which allowed for the long exposure (1.6 seconds); the self timer (10sec) was used so that the camera didn't shake when the shutter was pressed.

The post-processing consisted of:
- cropping the image to better frame the MOC;
- a levels adjustment to lightenthe mid-point & bring out the detail in the black bricks;
- cloning out some unwanted background detail from the top left corner;
- the contrast enhancement trick was used to make the image more "punchy";
- the image was resized down to 800x533;
- unsharp mask was used to sharpen the final image;
- saved as a JPEG (60% quality setting);

The thumbnail (left) was created by a tight square crop around the cockpit, and an image resize down to 150x150, followed by the addition of a black border, and it was then saved as a JPEG (60% quality again).

There is still a slightly warm/yellow tone to the image that could be removed with some extra work; a quick attempt left the black bricks looking rather green. The focus is on the cockpit, and the tail section is slight out of focus; a greater depth-of-field could have bought it all into focus (at the expense of an even longer exposure time), or a smaller depth-of-field could have thrown it even further out of focus, in order to bring attention to the cockpit area even more. As it is, I think it's a nice compromise. The light reflected off the faceted canopy is slightly distracting - the use of a polarising filter would have reduced this reflection, and that's something I want to have a play with in future.



  LEGOLOVERMAN's examples:  

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Camera : Fujifilm FinePix 2300
Focal Length: 36mm (equivalent)
Exposure: 0.5 secs at f/4.8
ISO: 100

White Balance mode: Auto
Flash: none
Support: Tripod

This photo is part of a series (here for the rest) of Blacktron-themed "Crusader" bots.

There has been little post-processing of the image, but it shows good use of depth of field and composition, to have the robot in sharp focus, but the gun out of focus.




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