So you want to know more about photographing LEGO, or have got a specific problem you want an answer to ? Hopefully the articles in this section will help sate your quest for knowledge, or at least answer your immediate question. I'll be gradually populating this area over the coming months, so check back often. The list below covers the topics I think will be useful, but I may change my mind; if you think I've missed something, or want a topic covered sooner, then let me know.


Buying a Camera - what to look out for when buying a digital camera; covers pixel resolution, zoom ranges, image stabilisation, lenses, sensor size, storage media, etc.

Lens craft - what effect different zoom settings have, use of depth-of-field, and what does "macro" mean & when to use it.

Understanding Exposure - what's all this "shutter speed", "aperture", "ISO" stuff about ?

Photographing black MOCs - one of the oldest questions, hopefully with an answer !

Lighting - how to light your models to give them that "professional" look. Why using a flash is usually a bad idea (but not always), and why cloudy days are your friend.

Supporting your camera - use of tripods, and other alternatives.

Still using a film camera ? - how to use a film camera for taking photos of your MOCs. Also covers scanning of printed photos and negatives.

Post processing - so you've got your photos; now what ? There are very few photos that can't be improved by spending a few minutes on them in your favorite image editing package. Also annotating your images. How cropping can save a picture.

Getting your photos online - where to upload them to, & how. How big (or small) to make them, how to link to them, and the use of thumbnails (and different techniques for making thumbnails).

Creating your "home studio" - ideas for creating the perfect place for taking your MOC photos; covers supporting your models, use of backgrounds, a little bit more on lighting, etc. And if you're feeling more adventurous, and flush, what can you buy to help improve it even more !

Composition - ideas for what views, angles, etc., to use for those interesting shots.

Photographing other peoples MOCs - seen a great MOC at BrickFest, or a new set at Toy Fair ? Hints for snapping a great shot under difficult conditions.


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